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Product Examples

Ludosophia is able to provide (almost) anything your game might need from a design perspective. This includes, but is not limited to the following products and services:

Design Documentation

Game Design Documentation
Game Concept Design Documentation
Game Mechanic Concept Designs

Level / Puzzle Design Documentation

User Interface Design Documentation

Internal Company Documentation / Presentation

External Client Documentation / Presentation

Narrative Design Documentation

Cinematic Storyboards

Narrative Scripts

Localisation [English - Dutch / Dutch - English]

Creative Writing (English / Dutch Poetry)

Critical Game Review Documentation

Brainstorming Session Documentation / Review

Game (Engine*) Related

Level Design [2D / 3D / VR]

Game Balancing / Tweaking

Game Testing / Systematic Bug Tracking

"Let's Play" Video Review / Youtube Series

Project Management

Competitive Market Analysis

High-Level Planning

Low-Level Planning

Quality Assurance Management

Team Management [Remote / On Site]


Basic Audio / Music Creation

Complete Card / Board Game Prototype

and more...

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding these products and services or if there's something else you might need for your game. Price quotations/indications are dependent on a project's scope/viability and are available upon request.

*Preferable Game Engines are Unity3D or Unreal Engine. Please contact us if  you are unsure about which engine to use, or if you have any enquiries regarding your specific (custom?) engine.


About Us


The impact of games on us as both individuals and as a society has become undeniably large over the last couple of years. Games are not only used to entertain, but also to simulate, educate and improve overall health. The ability to interact with a game system enables a level of immersion unmatched by any other medium. It allows us to create and share truly unique and meaningful experiences.

The indisputable power of games as a medium is reflected in the thousands of Apps and Games released per day. Companies big and small, everybody wants an app these days. But why do only a few of these succeed where most others fail?


The name Ludosophia is derived from the latin words "Ludus", which stands for the concept of structured play, and "Sophia", which means wisdom. Together, they form the core of what proper Game Design is all about, the wisdom of games. This company was founded in 2017 with a strong belief in this principle.

Ever since then, our aim is to design and provide proper, manageable and effective game solutions and tailor them to our customer's specific requests or constraints. From a simple brainstorming session to a full-fledged game design document, from a competitive market analysis to complete quality assurance management, we provide whatever our clients need in terms of game design and production management.


Meet the Team

Ludosophia consists of a team of game industry specialists with experience across various disciplines.

Angelo Nouwens

Founder Ludosophia

Game Designer

Angelo Nouwens

Frank Severijns

Game Programmer

Technical Support

Frank Severijns

Kim Bolenius

2D Visual Artist

Concept Artist

Kim Bolenius

Paul v/d Maarel

2D / 3D Visual Artist

Children's Book Illustrator

Paul v/d Maarel

Yvette Verheyen

2D Visual Artist

Environment Illustrator

Yvette Verheyen


Frequently Asked Questions




Let's have a chat and see where it takes us.


Ludosophia is currently based in Tilburg, The Netherlands
Tel: +316 1303 9110

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